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Getting to know each other to decide on working together

Okay, we’ve built a financial plan. Now what? Well, I hate to tell you this but the financial plan is absolutely worthless if it is not executed and course corrected for changes in your life. That’s why I don’t charge to create a snapshot of your current reality with a path to end goals. Listen, everybody deserves to at least have a friend with expertise on a subject to help get the ball rolling. 

At the second meeting, I'm going to make sure I understood what you said and walk through the suggestions to get you there. At the end of this meeting, I'm going to go over all of the costs to do it for you and give you a document with suggestions. You will leave with enough information to make an educated decision. Take the plan we created, go see other advisors, take it to your CPA or Attorney and discuss it with your parents or friends if you like. If at the end of this meeting we both feel like the mutual exploration so far is a good fit, I’ll follow up with you in a week or so to see if you are ready to commit too. If so, there is a seat reserved on the train for you and it is time to start the real work. There are only so many people one advisor can handle so if you’re not ready to commit, we will call it good and move on. At a minimum, you’ll probably make better decisions about your financial life than before you came. It is important the right commitment is there to have a long relationship that both of us are emotionally invested in. Now, if you come in and tell me it was nice and all but you just want me to pick a hot stock or go to cash before the next Market drop, it isn’t likely things will move forward. There is so much more to this than investments...that’s the easy part.

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